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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shaping The Future

About the Author: Mr.Sreejith Prakash, works with TCS and supports us for the implementation of Campus ERP TCS iON. 

It’s an after effect of the Dubai visit. I was amazed neither by the Beauty of the Towers in Dubai nor by the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest miracle as of today. But I was pleased to see the way they maintain their traffic and the city in a neat and disciplined manner.

The thing which surprised me and forced me to think on the below mentioned plan is the way they have started growing grasses on a solid rock mountain by using the Sprinkle Irrigation technique for which the water is transported from Kilometers away. Literally they have converted a desert into greenery and one person among this master plan was a Malayalee. I also happened to see another Malayalee leading the Farming using the climate control technology. He without any need of climate control could have accomplished it in his hometown. In all the miracles, neatness, discipline, development at least one Malayalee have contributed his best. But the situation of Kerala is in a reverse manner. I thought of the reason behind the same and came to a conclusion that the only Villan behind development in our State/Nation is "Bothering of what others will think!"

Yes it’s the same Villan who is restricting you and me from contributing our best for neatness, discipline, development and Maintaining Law. Found out the point to be corrected but from where the correction has to be started? From Home?  or From Schools/ Colleges??I haven’t got an answer for the same. But i started thinking of the situation from where we can start molding our future talents into the development.  If I take an example of B.Tech graduates. Government spends a lot for the merit students with an expectation of them coming up and sharing their best for the development of Nation. But most of Merit candidates are busy searching for MNC's where they think they will be secure and surely they do have those entry criteria. Hence government goes for a loss. Out of the 100% B.Tech graduates coming out in a year 20% get placed somewhere or the other. 10-15 % go for higher studies with a higher expectation. Some 5-10 % goes for Bank coaching or for any further technical certifications some 20% of female candidates gets married and settled down with their family, B.Tech has become a criterion for marriages too. Still 35% left. They roam around here and there for several years and then get adjusted with whatever they have got.

Where is the future talent meant/expected to be a part of development? Its all our mistake we are missing out the talents out of these. Talents are not the one who scores a higher Score. She/he is the one who tries to implement what they have learnt. They are the one who takes up initiative to come up with ideas. Yes many are coming up with ideas too but where are they finally? Either split up due to financial burden or somewhere else struggling to manage their day to day living. It’s only because they are not provided with a proper backup or support to come up to the mark. We have many start up programs/incubation centers especially for IT candidates but many fails to reach up to it due to the above said Villan "Bothering of what others will think!"

Why don’t the colleges come up with internship projects for the pass out students with an idea of thinking of the different phases of the state where we actually needs a development? Eg: Waste Management is one of the major issues we are facing in Kerala as of now. Let the students across different branches be given an assignment with a target date to collect different areas where we can focus into the development under a team lead. Out of the ideas submitted select the best a split the students across groups as per their interest in the project. Let them gather as much information within the next cycle of assignment and out of the best submitted results and team lead capabilities identified by the lead, they will be send for a site visit where the project is actually working properly.

Waste Management is excellently managed in Germany. The team going for the site visits would be the actual leads for the project and the projects worthiness would be their responsibility. Now the time has come where the lead needs to be more specific towards the project. In the mentioned example let’s try some best person from the Waste Management industry who can guide them in all aspects of the project implementation. Connection with the Government in achieving the dream would also help a lot. Once they are ready with the framework of the project let them be independent with a banner of their own. The bigger advantage here is we can utilize the talents to its best. Almost all the students completed B.Tech can add a value to the prosperity of the nation.

Now regarding the cost of the project, there are many companies interested in investing into Wise ideas. But most of them need a trusty background on the group. For this if the students come up with these ideas on behalf of college itself, it will be easy to grab the attention of the Invertors and the government. The benefit of the college is that in today’s environment, where each year n number of engineering colleges is launched and a worst competition is being arrived; students as well as parents are keen, looking into the colleges with a good recruitment/ job assurance background. So for the colleges this initiative would be a free of cost advertisement with an added satisfaction level in placing their students to the right track of their life.

Being a part of the well wishers in seeing the well planned and developed India, I am contributing my idea to the world with a hope of changes!!!!!!!!
Mr.Sreejith Prakash

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ammini College of Engineering-Trailer Video

Inauguration of New Website

New Website Inauguration

Ammini College of Engineering announce a new website!

Dear Sir/Madam
We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Our new website has been planned and carefully structured to allow you to easily navigate to the relevant areas, access information quickly and get in touch with the links.The site will replace the previous one that was online for past three years.
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Formal Inauguration of the new website will be made by Dr.P. R Chandrasekhar, Principal Ammini College of Engineering.
Date, Time & Venue of Inaugural function
23rd March 2013, Saturday
3:00PM to 4:00 PM
Seminar Hall(Administrative Block)

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